Gina Angelique and Christopher Hall

Gina Angelique and Christopher Hall are an artistic partnership who have created 26 original works together.  Hall is a gifted scenic and lighting designer in the tradition of Adolf Appia, creating whole space installations that bring the audience into the womb space of each performance.  Angelique is a choreographer and master instructor in the tradition of Pina Bausch, fusing modern, butoh, balinese and hip-hop with dramatic arcs.

Gina and Chris founded Eveoke Dance Theatre in 1994.  Together they created 24 full-length works, created the Eveoke technique, the Eveoke education program and founded Celebrate Dance Festival.  They are pursuing sustainability for the art of dance and the art of life with their family on their dancefarm homestead.  Besides farming vegetables and herbs Gina educates rural people of all ages how to farm dance to transform their bodies, communities and world.

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Mary Lou LoPreste

Mary Lou LoPreste is a visionary entrepreneur, advocate for social justice, sustainable developer, and green building consultant.  Her identity as a business woman is intimately connected to her responsibility and vision as an environmentalist.  This combination has manifested in the precedent-setting Sun Harbor Marina.

As the owner, developer and project manager for the recent re-build of Sun Harbor Marina in San Diego,  she secured the financing, managed all contracts and built the nation’s  first LEED certified Marina.  She successfully navigated the rigorous LEED certification process that requires careful adherence to principles of sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, sustainable material selection, recycling, public art, and indoor environmental quality.  As manager of this multi-million dollar project, she was responsible for every aspect of it’s completion.  As a result, Sun Harbor Marina has received world wide recognition for its green status and Mary Lou for her innovative and artistic approach to building and development.  The marina has been recognized as one of the top green projects in the nation. Numerous awards followed, from the state of Washington, San Diego Gas and Electric, Earthworks, the Port of San Diego and numerous architecture awards.  Mary Lou has been recognized by the CA State Assembly and Congress of the US.  She was recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the top 25 business women in San Diego. 

In the business world that bows to the bottom line as if it were sacred, environmental ethics typically take a back seat to economics.  But for LoPreste, developing using green principles is about economics-the economics of our future.  LoPreste has been triumphant in showing that building ethically and with common sense can prove profitable.  Since its completion, the marina has been tremendously successful, exceeding income projections three fold.  The savings in energy is 35% and the water savings is 37%.  All of the slips are full and every office is occupied at top dollar.  No other marina in San Diego can make this claim at this time.

Mary Lou has taken Sun Harbor Marina and her story to her colleagues across the country.  As a Marina and Green building consultant and public speaker, she strives to raise consciousness about the feasibility of building in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Ms. LoPreste has a wide and varied experience portfolio.  She has owned and managed a number of Long Range Sportfishing boats.  In addition she co-founded the San Diego Port Tenants Association which is now one of the most powerful organizations dealing with the Port of San Diego.  Her commitment and long term investment in the Sportfishing industry set precedence for women in the business world of Sportfishing.  

LoPreste also has created and co-founded 2 non-profits: Eveoke Dance Theatre….Cultivating Compassionate Social Action through Evocative Performance and Arts Education…and La Red Revision Project, supporting women in Fair Trade, Organic and Bird friendly coffee.  Her commitment to her community continually evolves as she has participated as a board member for many important organizations including: The Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Performing Arts Board, San Diego Public Art, the Make a Wish Foundation, Project Concern, Urban Forestry and Bread for the Journey to name a few.  Her interests today include building sustainably, creating community using holistic principles that respects nature, business and man.