Eveoke Dance Theatre has three distinct hearts or program areas: Evocative Performance, Arts Education, and Community Building.  Eveoke is a top quality arts education organization and we also receive strong reviews for our artistic and community-building work.  We are unique in our three-fold identity and mission in this way.

Evocative Performance 

Photo by Jeffrey Lamont Brown

At Eveoke, we believe the resource of dance is too precious to be used without intention.  If dance is the container, then what we pour into the container and what we pour out of the container really matters.  We deeply care about what our audience is drinking.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with beautiful aesthetic dance just for the sake of beauty or arts appreciation.  However, we at Eveoke feel an urgency to use dance to address what is going on in the communities around us and to reach into people’s hearts and minds and spur them to think, feel and take action.  We aim to evoke multiple perspectives and understandings through our activist-based dance theatre, both for our artists and our audience members.  The transformation we go through is just as essential and important as the transformation our audience goes through.

Arts Education

At Eveoke, arts education is at the heart of everything we do.  We are constantly evolving our legacy of making and teaching art that does more than perpetuate the beauty and potential of the human body.  Our mission guides us to interweave the power of art to enable our eyes to see a new view, our minds to understand a different perspective, our hearts to feel deeply, and our actions to promote compassion.  Whether onsite or offsite, Eveoke’s pathway is to connect students and artists to social issues through the imagination.  At its best, Eveoke is about using the imagination to cast our world in a new view that will re-inspire and re-engage our desire to interface with it.  We explore and expand the boundaries of dance theatre as a unique art form and keep building bridges between modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, cultural dance forms, and theatre as a multi-faceted vehicle for the intention-based dance that Eveoke is renowned for.

Community Building

At Eveoke, we believe that the artistic and educational work that we do is enhanced and deepened by building community with other artists, community groups, K-12 schools, local universities, and civic and cultural organizations.  Our commitment to community building is central to our mission and we accomplish this through our community collaborations.  This creates a solid foundation from which to create both provocative performance and transformative arts education programming.