Arts Education

At Eveoke Dance Theatre, ARTS EDUCATION is at the heart of everything we do. 

We are constantly evolving our legacy of making and teaching art that does more than perpetuate the beauty and potential of the human body.  Our mission guides us to interweave the power of art to enable our eyes to see a new view, our minds to understand a different perspective, our hearts to feel deeply, and our actions to promote compassion.

Eveoke’s pathway is to connect students and artists to social issues through the imagination.  At its best, Eveoke is about using the imagination to cast our world in a new view that will re-inspire and re-engage our desire to interface with it.  We explore and expand the boundaries of dance theatre as a unique art form and keep building bridges between modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, cultural dance forms, and theatre as a multi-faceted vehicle for the intention-based dance that Eveoke is renowned for.

Currently one of Eveoke’s touchstones for art-making is a quote by Rumi.
“Beyond right and wrong, there is a field.  I will meet you there.”

That field is the metaphorical place where Eveoke creates and teaches art, and as a result we are influencing a generation of students and artists to see the world with new eyes, minds, and hearts and to deeply care about our community, local and global.

We at Eveoke believe this is the most relevantand urgent need we can fulfill through art.