Inclusion Program

Eveoke strives to make all programs inclusive. Through a community partnership with Kids Included Together, Eveoke is able to offer students with any type of disability the service of an Inclusion Aide, at no extra charge to families.

Kids Included Together (KIT) specializes in providing best practices training for community–based organizations committed to including children with and without disabilities into their recreational, child development and youth development programs. Visit for more information!

Mike Strohbehn with one of his teachers, Myriam Lucas, and his current Inclusion Aide, Adrienne Geraci.

 ”Long ago, I saw my son Mike moving to some rap…“’Lil Bow Wow” it was then.  So we found a hip hop performance in play in San Diego, down by the water in a small theater.  It was Eveoke Dance Theatre’s Funkalosophy.  We went and Mike was, how shall I say?  “Thrilled” doesn’t do it.  It knocked his socks off.  We started going to all of Eveoke’s shows.

Michael has developmental delay, mental retardation in common language.  He also has intense enthusiasm for many things and he is very social.  Eveoke performers noticed us as “regulars” at their performances, they approached us and Mike was offered a scholarship to attend weekly classes with special assistance:  a 1-to-1 dance partner.  This began a long association and one of the most enriching experiences of Mike’s life.  He has now known many different teachers, dance partners and friends with Eveoke for almost ten years.  Dancing with Eveoke has become part of Mike’s identity:  he sees himself as a dancer.  He IS a dancer.”

–Steve Strohbehn