School Assembly Shows

Outreach Assembly Programs

Eveoke assemblies are fun and appropriate for ALL AGES, and always include audience interactive sections (both verbal and physical).  We will perform for small and large groups as long as they fit in your performance space and there is plenty of room for us to perform.  Eveoke’s Impulse Performing Group (teens and adults of all dance levels) bring a high-energy and educational assembly show to your site!

I Speak…Dance! October 2012- August 2013

I Speak…Dance! is a high energy Hip-Hop and Afro-Caribbean folk dance show filled with movement that ignites the mind, body and soul.  I Speak…Dance! is inspired by the Dr. Seuss quote, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.”  Using a spectacular array of colorful dance storytelling, this show highlights the diversity that exists within each individual’s identity, culture, and community.  It is an interactive performance, which explores an honest, profound, and exciting dance language where common humanity is recognized and celebrated.

I Speak…Dance,
I Speak Me,
I Speak to our World,
Do You See…
Do You See, Me?!

In addition to I Speak…Dance!, Eveoke’s Impulse Performing Group has a number of repertory dances that we can perform for any occasion at your site or special event.


In-School or After-School Assembly Shows

$400 for a 30 minute Assembly $600 for a 60 minute Assembly Note: Schools must provide a sound system.  If the performance site is located more than 30 minutes from central San Diego, travel fees may apply.  Discounts are available for bookings where more than one performance is requested on the same day with 15-20 minutes in between performances.

Community Performances and Events

Eveoke can perform at your event or festival!  In addition to The Evolution of Hip Hop, the Eveoke Outreach Performing Group, Youth Performing Group, Apprentice Company, and Concert Company have a number of repertory dances that we can perform for any occasion at your site.  We can perform for 5 minutes up to 45 minutes as well as include interactive workshops with your audience before or after the performance.  We work with your budget to set the price!

Title I discounts are available for all performances


For more information or to book an Eveoke performance, call today!

Araceli Carrera, Art Education Director ~ (619) 238-1153 ~