Dance Residencies

Dance Residencies

Eveoke dance classes affirm that through the discipline and commitment of dance, youth of all ages receive…

A consistent and fun way to move their bodies and improve physical health
A structured dance class that works with students of varying abilities
A safe environment and outlet for their personal creative voice with music that has a positive message
An experience of community-building with their peers
An energetic dance class with clear goals relating to dance and residency themes

Eveoke dance residency themes are specific to age group and can be adapted depending on the needs of your students, site, and overall residency goals.  Creativity, innovation, and thoughtfulness are what we strive for in the experience of each class. Each class includes a structured warm-up, across the floor exercises, student choreography/creation, dance-based games, and an opportunity to work on a dance created by the teacher and performed at the end of the class. Our teaching artists have significant experience working with students who may have had difficult pasts, poor work habits, and low self-esteem. We lead by example in all of our programs, and civic involvement through the medium of dance is Eveoke’s regular practice.

Dance Residency Themes

Residencies are 6 weeks minimum and 36 week maximum
K-1: Stages of a Butterfly
2: Animal/Verbs: Life Cycles
3-5: Historical Figures
6-8: Social, Cultural or Enviromental Issues
9-12: Custom Created

After-School Residencies

$100 per 45-minute session for grades K-1.
$125 per 1-hour sessions for grades 2-12.
Available for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
Limited to 30 students per class.

In-School Residencies

$125 per 45 minute session for grades K-1.
$150 per 1-hour session for grades 2-12.
Available for individual grade levels or mixed groups, if developmentally appropriate.
Limited to 35 students per class.

Dance Workshops

A dance workshop is a one-time class designed to give your students an in-depth dance experience involving a warm-up, across the floor series, student-created choreography, and the opportunity to learn a dance and perform it in groups for each other.  Ideal for end-of-year classroom celebrations.

$250 per dance workshop
$425 for (2) 2-hour dance workshops booked in a row at your site

Title I discounts are available for all residencies, after-school and in-school.

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