Professional Development

Interested in bringing more dance into your classroom?

Eveoke can provide tangible tools and training for you and your school.  We can teach you how to use dance as a… 

-Stand alone subject
-Classroom management tool
-Way to engage a diversity of learners
-Tool for teaching lessons on other subjects (e.g. math and reading) in a kinesthetic way
-Method for focusing and releasing energy in a productive way

Our goals include…

-Understanding the value of dance and arts in the current educational paradigm
-Practicing using movement as a classroom management and transition tool
-Exploring dance as a tool for exploring academic lessons in a kinesthetic way
-Debunking the belief that the teacher has to move or lead movement in order to facilitate a dance class and/or experience for students
-Introducing the elements of dance to participants (space, time, energy, intention)
-Citing a specific action item that participants will follow up on
-Understanding that dance can also be a stand alone class and what resources exist to create this in your classroom or at your school
-Experiencing a spark of inspiration within yourself
-Seeing dance in a deepened or enhanced way
-Exploring movement based creativity and problem solving, alone and in a group

Professional Development Workshop

$250 – Includes (1) 2-hour session for up to 40 participants

Professional Development Series

$600 – Includes (3) 1.5 hour sessions with up to 40 participants

Professional Development Custom-Created

You let us know what you need and what your goals are, and we will custom design a workshop or series for you.  The price will be based on needs.

For more information or to book professional development with Eveoke, call today!

Araceli Carrera, Art Education Director
Eveoke Dance Theatre
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