Flash Mobs

What is a Flash Mob?

A flash mob is a custom-designed and well-rehearsed dance that happens spontaneously and catches people by surprise.  Flash mobs are a fabulous way to bring large, dynamic, and creative energy to events of all kinds.  Flash mobs can occur indoors, outdoors, just once, or multiple times in a day.

Flash Mob Facts:

  • Typically, a flash mob dance is between 3-5 minutes.
    However, any length of dance you want is fine.
  • Eveoke flash mobs are designed for people of all dance and ability levels
    We love it when employees or people you know come and learn the flash mob and join in the fun too.
  • Flash mobs can be inspirational and linked with a theme.
    Let us know your theme and we can use quotes, dance moves, and music that directly ties in with your focus.
  • There is no cost for community members to participate in a flash mob and it’s a great way to meet new people and exercise!
    By hiring Eveoke to do a flash mob, you are serving the community on multiple levels.

What Eveoke does to create and organize a flash mob for you.

  • We create the sound design and the dance choreography.
  • We market the flash mob opportunity and bring diverse community members together to learn the dance.
  • We organize and lead all rehearsals at our onsite studio.
  • We handle all communication with designated event contact person and all flash mob performers including call time, directions, and pertinent event information.
  • We show up to your event and perform the flash mob at the designated time or cue.

How much does a flash mob cost?

Typically, we can put together a flash mob for your event for $500 – $1,000 depending on the length of the dance and logistics.  The cost is negotiable, so let us know what your budget is and we will work with it to the best of our ability.

Flash Mob Contact

To commission a flash mob for an event of any kind or for more information, please contact Arts Education Director Araceli Carrera at (619) 238-1153 or by email at araceli@eveoke.org.

NOTE: We provide flash mobs for the local San Diego area only.