Evocative Performance

At Eveoke, we believe the resource of dance is too precious
to be used without intention.

Photo by Jeffrey Lamont Brown

If dance is the container, then what we pour into the container and what we pour out of the container really matters.  We deeply care about what our audience is drinking.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with beautiful aesthetic dance just for the sake of beauty or arts appreciation.  However, we at Eveoke feel an urgency to use dance to address what is going on in the communities around us and to reach into people’s hearts and minds and spur them to think, feel and take action.  We aim to evoke multiple perspectives and understandings through our activist-based dance theatre, both for our artists and our audience members.  The transformation we go through is just as essential and important as the transformation our audience goes through.

Concert Company

Founded in downtown San Diego in 1994 by Gina Angelique and Christopher Hall, the Concert Company has performed more than 32 original dance theatre works in month long runs.  Eveoke has received rave reviews and broad community support for this growing repertory.  The Concert Company is composed of long time Eveoke dancers and newer members, all with a diversity of backgrounds and unique gifts.  These dancers are renowned not only for their physical endurance and capability, but their heart-wrenching performances that truly stir audience minds, hearts, and spirits.

Apprentice Company

The Apprentice Company aims to nurture, strengthen, and support committed young dancers who are choosing dance performance as a tool for personal development.  The Apprentice Company was created for students who have demonstrated artful thinking when approaching the study of movement.  They perform at least 1 major concert work per year and are often invited to understudy or perform with the Concert Company in major productions.  Participation is by invitation only, and you must participate in Eveoke’s Summer Intensive to be considered.

Outreach Performing Group

The Outreach Performing Group engages audience members of all ages within our community through performance with a positive message.  This group tours a 30-minute assembly show to schools all over San Diego, reaching upwards of 18,000 children each year.  Our Outreach Performing Group trains onsite at Eveoke and is required to participate in a minimum of 2 classes per week, a weekly rehearsal, occasional master classes & field trips, and monthly performances.  This group is ideal for beginning and advanced performers alike who enjoy performing for children and general community members.  Participation is by audition only.  You must be 14 years or older to participate – the majority of participants are dancers in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s.

Youth Performing Group

The Youth Performing Group is an amazingly diverse and talented group of youth, ages 7-14.  Members are required to take at least 1 technique class per week, participate in weekly rehearsals and annual retreats, and perform about 25 times in the community each year.  The Youth Performing Group performs all over San Diego in a variety of venues in many genres of dance.  Participation is by audition only.