Concert Company

Photo by Manuel Rotenberg

Founded in downtown San Diego in 1994, the Concert Company has performed more than 32 original dance theatre works in month long runs.  Eveoke has received rave reviews and broad community support for this growing repertory.  The Concert Company is composed of long time Eveoke dancers and newer members, all with a diversity of backgrounds and unique gifts.  These dancers are renowned not only for their physical endurance and capability, but their heart-wrenching performances that truly stir audience minds, hearts, and spirits.

Meet the Dancers…

Araceli Carrera

Araceli Carrera dancer/visual artist/costume designer graduated 2001 from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Arts in dance education. She worked for Eveoke from 2001 to 2006 as a dancer in Women Rebels 2003, Funkalosophy 03/04, Mothers 2004, Monstropoly 2004, Hips 2006, Soul of a Young Girl…Dances of Anne Frank 2006 and Las Mariposas 2010/11.  Costume designer/ construction for Flood the Wandering Uterus 2001, The Taming of the Shrew 2002, Women RebelsMothers, Hips, Soulos Green 2008 and Las Mariposas 2010/11.  Visual artist in Women Rebels, Hips, and was their teaching artist from 2001-2006 holding residencies that taught academics through dance along with after school 6 to 6 programs that raised social, global and environmental awareness through art and hip hop. Her growth as a dancer is highly influenced by those whom she studied and danced with, to name a few: Debbie Toth, Mary Fitzgerald, Martha Renzi, Silfredo La O Vigo, Sean Curran, Juan Carlos Blanco. She has presented works of dance in San Diego at Sushi and Centro Cultural de la Raza, in the state of Arizona and in Tijuana.  Her work always reflects her culture, family and love for arts. In 2006 she went to Havana Cuba and had the opportunity to study and teach with afro cuban dance company Ban Ra Ra and Narciso Medina contemporary dance company, a truly breathtaking experience. In 2007 she worked as a choreographer in her first musical theater piece, Josephine Tonight, under the direction of Dr Floyd Gaffney. In 2009 she had an art exhibit titled La Mujer, celebrating the inspiring women in her life. She is currently the artist in residence at Freese Elementary teaching literacy though dance and visual arts for 8 years and continuing under the direction of Kathryn Irey and Mary Patt Hutt.  Araceli continues to welcome all forms of art to educate our youth about the value of arts in ones life. In 2010 she was invited to be a part of The guild of puppetry directed by Lynne Jennings a new journey that will allow her to further her knowledge on mask making and shadow puppetry.

Becky Hurt

Becky (Bex) Hurt started dancing when she was 5 years old. She danced her way through school at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and graduated with honors in 1997. She went on to minor in dance at SDSU while she continued her training and performing with Unity Dance Ensemble under the direction of Tessandra Chavez (1997-2004). She has also trained with Culture Shock under the direction of Sherman Shoate (2010) and performed in AftaShock under the direction of Trina Lyons (2009). She came to Eveoke Dance Theatre in 2005 and joined the Performing Group. Since then she has become a Master Teaching Artist for Eveoke, a Concert Company member and most recently a Choreographer. So far she has performed in Hip Hop is Everywhere (2006), Rise:The California Project (2007), Soulos…Green (2008), Lyrics, Beats, & Bricks (2008), Voices:Mapping the Hood (2009), San Diego Dances (2010), Dance Theatre (2010), Las Mariposas (2010,2011) San Diego and in the Dominican Republic and Reflections (2011). She had the honor of co-choreographing the hip hop workshop production Refuge with Myriam Lucas in 2011, which became a full length production at La Jolla Playhouse called BREAK (2012). Bex is currently in the dancescape choreography program to grow as a choreographer, and she hopes to create a group of expressive hip hop dancers at Eveoke.

Ericka Aisha Moore

Ericka Aisha Moore believes in the impact of art (dance) to empower individuals, which therefore empowers community.  The first person to show her the power of art and how it could change lives was Gina Angelique.  Ericka would like to thank Gina for all of her wisdom, mentorship, and choreographic genius.  Because without Gina’s influence she feels her life would not be as rich.  Since starting to study dance (jazz, ballet, modern, and hip-hop) seriously at the age of 15, Ericka has been driven to perform and to create pieces that speak about the world she lives in.  For example, Funkalosophy, her second full-length show created in 2002, reveals how the hip-hop subculture contributes to an activist dance theatre, while empowering youth and others with a voice concerning their political and social issues. Funkalosophy was reset in 2003 and 2004.  The 2004 production was the longest running dance theatre production in San Diego, running 6 shows per week for 9 weeks.  Ericka has been a professional dancer for Eveoke Dance Theatre since 1997, performing in over 21 full-length shows as a principal dancer.  She has alos danced with the Colette Harding Contemporary Dance Company and with Peter Kalivas in the The PGK Project.  Currently, Ericka is Master Teaching Artist, Director of the Apprentice Company and Resident Choreographer for Eveoke Dance Theatre.  Her most recent full length choreography credits include Soulos Green, Lyrics Beats and Bricks, Voices: Mapping the Hood, and Las Mariposas.  Ericka is on the dance faculty at Palomar College and teaches at Canyon Crest Academy.  Ericka is also a seasoned sound designer and has worked with Eveoke Dance Theatre, Stone Soup and Sledgehammer Theatre.

Jessica Rabanzo-Flores

Jessica first became a part of Eveoke at the age of ten in January of 1997, as a dancer in the Youth Performing Group.  For the next eight years, Eveoke set a strong foundation for her dance training. She developed a solid work ethic, received rigorous technical training, and began to build her social consciousness. Being a dancer in the Youth Performing Group/Performing Group, Jessica performed in several of Eveoke’s full-length works including Fingers N’ the Hood (2000), Funkalosophy (2002, 2003 and 2004), Women Rebels (2003), Mothers (2004), and Monstropoly (2004).  Jessica graduated from UC Irvine in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology and Dance.  She trained under such professors as Loretta Livingston, Lisa Naugle, Israel “El” Gabriel, and Stephanie Powell, and she worked with guest artists such as Michael Cole and Rennie Harris. Jessica was a member of legendary Donald McKayle’s Etude Ensemble for two years and had the opportunity to perform as a featured dancer in On My Way and a soloist in Angelitos Negros from McKayle’s renowned suite Songs of the Disinherited. Since moving back to San Diego, Jessica has worked with several choreographers including one of her mentors, Khamla Somphanh, who she continues to train under and dance for in her choreographic projects. Jessica joined Eveoke’s Concert Company in 2010 and had the honor of playing the role of Minerva in Las Mariposas (2010, 2011) both in San Diego and in the Dominican Republic, and playing Mukhtar Mai in Reflections (2012). Additionally, Jessica is a certified personal trainer, an SAT prep-course instructor, and a dance teacher at Neisha’s Dance and Music Academy,  Canyon Crest Academy and Academy of Performing Arts.

Molly Terbovich-Ridenhour

Molly began her dance training at the young age of five. She graduated with an MFA in Dance at Arizona State University and has a BFA in Dance from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. Molly spent her time in graduate school focusing on dance performance, education and administration. While attending Stephens, she trained intensively in ballet and modern. She has worked with dance artists such as Janice Dulak, Michael Simms, Paul Mosely, Alan Sener, Douglas Neilson, Jeff Slayton, Sean Curran, Susan Rethorst and Ronald K. Brown.  Since moving to San Diego in 2003, Molly has worked with Butterworth Dance Company, Keturah Stickann, Bradley R. Lundberg, Michael Mizerany, Peter Kalivas, San Diego Opera, and co-founded Stella Nova Dance Company. Molly is elated to be dancing and teaching at Eveoke Dance Theatre.  When she is not dancing, Molly is the Executive Director of the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet in Balboa Park.

Anabel Roca

Anabel Roca is nineteen years old. Her training in dance began in Spain in modern and ballet. Throughout her childhood and adolescent life Anabel moved to over five different cities in two different countries. After beginning in Spain, Anabel trained under Gina Angelique, Ericka Aisha Moore, and Nikki Dunnan at Eveoke Dance Theatre. Her dance training is rooted in Modern, Jazz, and Dance Theatre. She continued to study all types of dance in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, where she also performed in in the Nutcracker and in many studio show. After graduating from Dos Pueblos High School, Anabel returned to Eveoke Dance Theatre. She became a part of the Apprentice Company in order to be more active in her pursuit of dance; she has been a part of two Apprentice Company seasons and continues in her third. She performed as young Dede in the second run of Las Mariposas at La Jolla Playhouse, as well as on its tour to the Dominican Republic. She has most recently become a member of the Dancescape, a choreography program, and she has been recently invited to be in Eveoke’s Concert Company.

Bruce Walker, Jr.

At the age of 15 Bruce Walker started participating in Kearny High School’s; after school dance program.  Shortly therafter Bruce met  Eveoke Dance Theatre through an outreach program. After seeing Yvonne Hernandez and Anthony Rodriguez do a dance routine to a song from the movie sound track You Got Served  he fell madly in love with dance. Eager to learn more dance he showed up to every after school dance rehearsal.  Yvonne then invited Bruce to audition for Eveoke’s Performing Group. Six years after auditioning for Eveoke  Bruce has participated in the Performing Group, Teacher Training Program, the Apprentice Company and has been in various Eveoke productions. Bruce is now a member of  Eveoke’s Concert Company under the inspirational dance mentorshi0p Ericka Aisha Moore. Dancing in Eveoke’s Concert Company’s has been something he has always wanted since he saw a company rehearsal for the show Anne Frank. He knew then he would dance at Eveoke forever.

 Guest Artists…

Shayna Cribbs

Shayna Cribbs began dancing at Eveoke Dance Theatre in January of 2009 and immediately fell in love with dancing that empowers, transforms, educates, and heals.  She was drawn to Eveoke’s emphasis on community and social activism as well as the presence of strong, fierce women as her role models.  Shayna became a member of Eveoke’s Outreach Performing Group from 2009-2011, where she performed in the assembly shows Ripples on the Water (2009-2010) and Evolution of Hip Hop (2010-2011).  In 2011/2012, she participated in Refuge in The Arts, a program which brought a message of non-violence and peace-building to schools and festivals.  She performed in Eveoke’s productions of Las Mariposas (2010, 2011) and Refuge (2011).  She is excited for her upcoming role in the Eveoke production of Agape.  By day, Shayna teaches third graders at Explorer Elementary Charter School.  She trained under Erika Malone in Eveoke’s Teacher Training Program and has since become passionate about integrating the arts and dance more fully into her classroom.  Shayna hopes to further explore her possible role in bringing more art into classrooms and in facilitating creative, artistic, healing experiences.  She has been profoundly affected by her teachers at Eveoke and how they have nurtured her as an artist, an observer, a well of strength, and so much more.

Jen Gruman

Jen Gruman started dancing at age four, but took some time off to pursue cheer and gymnastics. She participated in cheer and gymnastics throughout high school and continued with cheerleading into college, being a captain of Palomar College’s cheer team in 2006. After cheer, Jen started taking dance technique classes at Palomar and quickly developed a passion and love for the art of dance. In December 2009, Jen moved to the state of Washington, where she furthered her dance training in ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. During her time in the Northwest, she auditioned for and became part of a small dance company directed by Tino Nozaki called iN.GAUGE, which trains out of Portland, Oregon. Jen took charge of a few of the company’s weekly drop-in classes, teaching her own choreography to students. She also performed many times with iN.GAUGE in Portland and the surrounding areas. Jen moved back to southern California in August 2010 and began taking choreography and technique classes at Palomar again. Since then, Jen has continued her training through Palomar College and surrounding studios. Jen has also performed several times with Axxiom Dance Company, such as Carnival Choreographer’s Ball held in Hollywood, Axxiom’s Unleashed show, and The Mix Match Dance Festival held in Santa Monica to name a few. She is excited to start her journey with Eveoke’s Apprentice Company and hopes to continue in dance throughout her life, whether it’s actually being on stage, choreographing pieces, or teaching and inspiring a passion for dance.

Nicki Herz

Nicki Herz was raised in San Diego and has spent most of her life dancing in various studios and spaces throughout the community. In 2010 she earned her BFA in Dance from San Francisco State University.  Her education focused on  kinesiology, anatomy, choreography, and theater performance.  She is grateful for all the companies, teachers, and members she has had the privilege of working with including San Francisco University Dance Theater, Unity Dance Ensemble, Funkanometry San Diego and San Francisco, and De La Femme.  Currently, she is excited to be working with Eveoke Dance Theatre and to have a home teaching dance at Danceology in North County, San Diego. Aside from dancing, Nicki is also certified in yoga and Pilates, and teaches classes at Pure Barre, 4S Ranch.  She looks forward to the day when she can take her passions for dance arts abroad and travel around the world.